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Info zu FRITZ!Powerline 540E

Product: FRITZ!Powerline 540E

Version: FRITZ!OS 6.92

Language: English, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish

Release date: 25/10/2017

New features:

  • More convenience and performance through support for Mesh WiFi
  • All FRITZ!Box settings for Mesh WiFi are adopted automatically
  • Powerline connection details added in the Push mail service
  • Switching from home network access to Powerline-bridge will automatically activate Powerline
  • A key press pairing powerline will activate powerline, if it is deactivated.

Tip: First update your FRITZ!Box to FRITZ!OS 6.90 and then conduct the update via the home network overview. This way the product is active in the mesh right after the update.

Comprehensive instructions and further information on the topic "Mesh WiFi with FRITZ!" is presented at

New with FRITZ!OS 6.92

  • Scrolling on mobile devices fixed
  • Improved translations on the fritz.repeater overview
  • Weakness of WPA2 key handshake fixed

Innovations and Improvements with FRITZ!OS 6.90

NEW: Support for Mesh WiFi (see "Mesh WiFi with FRITZ!") NEW: Powerline connection details added in the Push mail service NEW: Switching from home network access to Powerline-bridge will automatically activate Powerline NEW: A key press pairing powerline will activate powerline, if it is deactivated. NEW: Support for cascaded repeaters - Now a FRITZ!Powerline in WLAN repeater mode can be registered with another repeater with the click of a button New: Dynamic uplink - Upon loss of connection, repeaters search for an alternative connection themselves NEW: An active guest access and the corresponding radio network name are displayed on the overview age and "Home Network Access" NEW: Option for adopting wireless LAN settings from a FRITZ!Box when mesh is active (home network access) NEW: Expanded diagnostics and maintenance options to improve product security and quality NEW: Standardized button behavior - one push of the button on a FRITZ!Box with FRITZ!OS 06.90 and on a FRITZ!Powerline syncs the WLAN configuration of the FRITZ!Box NEW: extended LED behaviour due to WLAN Mesh Improved: Attempts to log in with wrong user data are recorded as an event. Improved: Push service combines mails generated within a short period Improved: Display of new functions via HTTPS before a FRITZ!OS update Improved: Optimized configuration of switching schedule by time table for smartphone and tablet Improved: Event log adjusted to different display sizes Improved: Change notices for selected settings added to push service mails Improved: Reworked subject line and sender information for push service mails Improved: Push service now sends the log of registrations and deregistrations with the wireless guest access even when information about registrations and deregistrations is disabled in the wireless events Improved: Inactive wireless devices without individual settings deleted from the list of known wireless devices Remedied: In certain cases it was not possible to perform a scan of the wireless environment Remedied: In certain cases streaming and connections were interrupted when powerline devices with WiFi were deployed

Mesh WiFi with FRITZ!

The new FRITZ!OS 6.90 for FRITZ!Box, FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters and FRITZ!Powerline offer even more wireless mesh performance. On top of this, the new release improves FRITZ! products in terms of convenience, security and stability. Mesh networking is a new trend in the home network and has been a feature of FRITZ! for a long time. A mesh network like the FRITZ! home network ensures that fast, stable WiFi with high data rates is available to all devices in the entire home network. The FRITZ!Box is the hub. It provides the Internet access (layer 1), serves as a powerful wireless LAN access point, and can build a mesh network. This makes it especially easy for users to expand their wireless coverage modularly as needed with other FRITZ! products. This mesh networking convenience has been expanded by AVM with FRITZ!OS 6.90. The communication among all FRITZ! products (FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters, FRITZ!Powerline adapters) is improved, so that settings can be synchronized and the performance of connected terminal devices optimized. And all this runs smoothly, without the user having to do anything.

Benefits of Mesh WiFi with FRITZ!OS 6.90:

  • The home network overview of the FRITZ!Box shows a graphic display of all connections in the home network
  • Display and execution of updates for all FRITZ! products in the home network, display of devices in the guest network
  • Permanent automatic adoption of all wireless LAN settings from the FRITZ!Box to all products in the mesh
  • Support for cascaded repeaters: Now a repeater can be registered with another repeater (that is already connected in the home network) with the click of a button
  • Self-healing features: Upon loss of connection, repeaters search for an alternative connection themselves
  • Improved wireless LAN autochannel feature also accounts for permanently registered wireless devices (like FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters)

For more information on Mesh WiFi, see

Establishing a Mesh Connection

To use Mesh WiFi features, a FRITZ!OS version that supports mesh (6.88 or higher) must be installed on both the repeater and the FRITZ!Box. Whether your repeater is already enabled for Mesh WiFi is shown in the FRITZ!Box home network overview. Here in the new graphic connection overview, your products that participate in mesh are marked with a "Mesh enabled" symbol. If a repeater connected in your home network is not marked with the "Mesh enabled" symbol, enable the mesh feature by pressing the WPS button on the repeater, or by initiating registration mode on your FRITZ!Box (the equivalent of triggering WPS). For more detailed information about establishing a mesh connection, see the online help on the FRITZ!Box user interface.

Button Behavior with FRITZ!OS 6.90

  • Connecting a FRITZ!Powerline with FRITZ!OS 6.90 with the FRITZ!Box FRITZ!Powerline has to be connected with the FRITZ!Box via LAN. To register a FRITZ!Powerline configured with factory settings, briefly press the Connect - or WPS - button on the FRITZ!Powerline (WPS or Connect registration mode must also be initiated on your FRITZ!Box)

  • Connecting wireless terminal equipment If you want to register a new wireless device with your home network, you can now trigger registration mode (WPS) on the FRITZ!Powerline as well. To do this, briefly press the WPS button.

  • Enabling wireless LAN For a FRITZ!Powerline that has the wireless LAN feature disabled via the user interface or during wireless LAN night service, enable wireless LAN by briefly pressing the "WLAN" button.

  • Triggering factory settings To restore the factory settings to a FRITZ!Powerline, press the Connect- or WPS button for 15 seconds. On FRITZ!Powerline/WLAN products with separated WLAN and Powerline buttons press both buttons for 10 seconds.

With each FRITZ!OS update, AVM updates the security functions of FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters as well. Therefore we recommend performing the update for all devices.

TLN 25102017