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FRITZ!Box 7340 – Service
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Since updating FRITZ!OS, SMB access cannot be used

Since updating FRITZ!OS, you can no longer use the Server Message Block protocol (SMB) to access USB storage devices connected to the FRITZ!Box. As a result, you cannot configure USB storage devices connected to the FRITZ!Box as network drives on computers in the FRITZ!Box home network and they are not available as local storage in the Windows Explorer or macOS Finder.

1 SMB support has been removed

With FRITZ!OS 6, the FRITZ!Box provides a variety of new functions including support for the new DSL technology, vectoring (ITU G.993.5 / G.Vector). In order to be able to integrate the new functions and technologies, it was necessary to remove Samba (SMB) protocol support.

If possible, we will reintegrate SMB support in an upcoming FRITZ!OS update. If and when we can make such an update available has not yet been decided.

You can still access USB storage devices connected to the FRITZ!Box using the FRITZ!NAS user interface or the FTP (for example Windows Explorer or an FTP client).


If you cannot do without using SMB support, you can install a beta version that contains the security update but is based on an older FRITZ!OS:

Important:AVM does not provide any technical support for this beta version. You can reinstall a regular version of FRITZ!OS for the FRITZ!Box at any time.

  1. Call up in a web browser.
  2. Switch to the subfolder for your FRITZ!Box model.
  3. Download the beta version with the file extension ".image" to the computer.
  4. Manually update FRITZ!OS using the beta version.

    Important:When you install the beta version, the FRITZ!Box will reset to factory settings and it will then have to be reconfigured. It is not possible to restore settings from higher versions because they contain additional functions not available in older versions. However, if you saved your settings before updating, you can restore these.