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FRITZ!Box 3370 – Service

No IP communication over a VPN client connection (e.g. FRITZ!VPN)

Although a computer with FRITZ!VPN or macOS can establish a VPN connection to the remote FRITZ!Box, you cannot use the computer to access shared files and printers or other services in the remote network. Devices in the remote network do not respond to pings.

Simply proceed as described below. After each measure, check whether the issue persists.

1 Correcting the network settings

VPN communication is not reliable if an IP address from the FRITZ!Box's IP network is assigned to your computer's LAN or wireless network adapter. VPN communication can also be disrupted if the network adapter is not even being used.

If the FRITZ!Box uses the IP address (subnet mask, then you may not assign addresses from the range to any network adapters.

Disable all network adapters with an IP address from the FRITZ!Box's IP network:

Windows 8

  1. Press the keyboard shortcut "Windows key" + "X" and select "Control Panel" from the context menu.
  2. Click "Network and Internet" in the "Control Panel" menu.
  3. Click "Network and Sharing Center" and then "Change adapter settings".
  4. Right-click the respective network connection and select "Disable" from the context menu.

Windows 7

  1. In Windows, click "Start" and then "Control Panel".
  2. Select "Category" from the drop-down list "View by:" on the top right ().
  3. Click "Network and Internet" and then "Network and Sharing Center".
  4. Click "Change adapter settings".
  5. Right-click the respective network connection and select "Disable" from the context menu.


  1. Open the Finder and click "Applications".
  2. Click "System Preferences" and "Network".
  3. On the left side, select the respective network adapter.
  4. Click on the gear icon next to the plus and minus (+/-) symbols and select "Make Service Inactive".
  5. Click "Apply" to save the settings.

2 Configuring parental controls to allow Internet access

If the FRITZ!Box parental controls block Internet access for a device, then the device also cannot be accessed over a VPN connection.

Therefore, make sure that the respective devices are allowed to access the Internet:

  1. Click "Internet" in the FRITZ!Box user interface.
  2. Click "Filters" in the "Internet" menu.
  3. Click on the "Parental Controls" tab.
  4. Check whether Internet access has been restricted for the device you would like to access over VPN.
    • If the device has unrestricted access to the Internet:
      • Proceed with the following section.
    • If Internet access has been restricted or blocked for the device:
      • Configure the parental controls so that the device has unrestricted use of the Internet.

3 Correcting the VPN settings

Data cannot be exchanged over the VPN connection if incorrect or unsuitable IP settings were entered when generating the VPN settings. This is the case if:

  • the "IP address of the user in the FRITZ!Box network" lies in the DHCP range of the FRITZ!Box or is already being used for another VPN connection (for example for a smartphone),
  • you entered the FRITZ!Box's IP address ( instead of its IP network ( as the "destination network".

Reconfigure the VPN connection in order to correct any errors in the VPN settings: